Smart Cities

The City of Stonnington is embarking on our first smart cities strategy to look at how digital technology, data and innovation can support us to address current and future challenges.

By integrating smart technologies into our operations we will increase convenience, improve efficiencies and expand the information available to help make decisions.

We are currently developing a Smart Cities Framework and welcome community input.

Pilot projects

  • Visitation sensors in Prahran Square for real time information on usage of the space.
  • Traffic monitoring at six locations on Chapel Street that provide numbers of pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles and heavy vehicles at different times of day.
  • On-street car parking availability in key locations (trial project).

Get involved in the consultation

Smart benches 

smart bench.jpg

We’re trialing two solar powered benches for use by our residents.

Charge your mobile devices and connect to free WiFi for free at one of our two trial sites in Prahran.

The benches have been installed and will be maintained by Eco Renewable energy as part of a 12-month trial.

Where are the benches?

The benches are located in Princes Gardens near the basketball courts and the playground at Horace Petty Estate.

How do they work?

The benches are fully powered by the sun providing an environmentally friendly option for our Stonnington community.

Charge you device wirelessly by placing it on the charging panel on top of the bench or by plugging a USB cable into the USB port on the side. WiFi can be accessed by anyone within 20 metres of the bench.

How do I access the WiFi?

  1. Stand or sit within 20 meters of the bench and open your device’s Wi-Fi settings.
  2. Select ‘Stonnington Smart Bench’.
  3. A message will appear asking you to connect.
  4. Click on ‘Go online’ and you will be connected to the internet.

Can I sit on the bench?

Yes. The benches have a heat reflective surface so they are comfortable to sit on.

Is the WiFi safe?

Not only are benches environmentally friendly, they comply with international standards for WiFi which operates at very low frequencies and are therefore very low risk to users.