Avoiding and reducing waste

There are more recycling resources available than ever before, but there’s also a lot we can do to avoid or reduce waste before we need to consider recycling it or throwing it away. 

Events and programs

Get involved in community programs and events such as: 

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Reducing your waste 

You can help to protect our environment by reducing the waste you generate through avoidance, reuse, recycling and buying recycled products. 

To reduce the amount of waste you produce at home:

  • Buy less
  • Recycle food waste in your food and green waste bin
  • Use a compost bin or worm farm for your food and garden waste
  • Refuse plastic bags and choose reusable ones
  • Buy products with less packaging or recycled packaging
  • Buy durable, reusable and recyclable products
  • Buy in bulk to reduce packaging
  • Place a ‘no junk mail’ sticker on your letterbox
  • Use refillable containers for food and water.

Reusing household items

To maximise reuse:

  • wash out glass jars and plastic containers to use as storage containers
  • use old and worn out clothes as cleaning or dusting cloths
  • use newspaper to line your kitchen bin
  • shop with reusable bags
  • create ice blocks for your esky out of milk cartons or disposable water bottles.