What is the issue?

The City of Stonnington designated cycling network covers approximately 22km of off-road trails and 29km of on-road bicycle lanes. Council manages the Capital City Trail, Main Yarra Trail, Gardiner’s Creek Trail and the Scotchman’s Creek Trail.

As owner of public land (reserves and road ways) and the custodian of many roads, the State Government, (through VicRoads), is also a major provider of cycling infrastructure. This network incorporates most major north-south and east-west roadways across the municipality. Council recognises that a strong partnership is needed between all councils and VicRoads to significantly enhance Melbourne’s cycling network.

However, in Stonnington the narrowness of our roads and heavy traffic significantly constrains on-road cycling opportunities. The reality of sharing road space between trams, cars, and cyclists is limited in a practical sense.

Our strategic approach

The Stonnington Cycling Strategy 2013 - 2018 aims to improve the physical and social environments to encourage more people to cycle, and people to cycle more often. The Strategy addresses all cycling facilities in Stonnington, including trails, shared paths, on road bike lanes and associated infrastructure (such as signs, resting places and parking facilities), as well as programs and services to promote and encourage participation.

Municipal-wide objectives and actions of this strategic implementation plan are:

  • develop safe, accessible, functional and appropriate cycling initiatives to encourage more cycling and a culture of sharing space, and 
  • continue to develop and improve the cycling network and associated facilities to provide access to local places.

What needs to change?

  • Councils and VicRoads collaborate to develop a regional linked network
  • Council and VicRoads align initiatives, prioritise and funding
  • close the gap on missing links in the cycling network
  • develop strategies that reduce conflict between cyclists and pedestrians or vehicle drivers
  • long-stay bicycle parking facilities at train stations to encourage modal transport shifts
  • install Waverley and Dandenong Roads crossing points signs to complete a shared trail connecting East Malvern station to Hughesdale stations
  • new or upgraded bicycle routes and other infrastructure to support on-road trails (including, Chapel Street, Toorak Road, Malvern Road, High Street, Orrong Road, Glenferrie Road and Waverley Road)
  • safe cycling options on Quentin Road, Chadstone Road, Kooyong Road and Ivanhoe Grove, and 
  • improvements to off-road shared trails (such as line marking, solar lighting, path widening and signs). 

Council action

In 2017/18 Council will invest $1.02M implementing the Stonnington Cycling Strategy (constructing major shared path upgrades along Scotchman's Creek, Gardiners Creek and main Yarra Trails and scoping and design of on-road infrastructure improvements).

Council will also:

  • continue to advocate to VicRoads for cycling infrastructure priorities and projects
  • take a more active role in the foundation planning of VicRoads projects to advocate for improvement works to be funded, and 
  • work collaboratively on the Inner Melbourne Action Plan and Resilient Melbourne on regional cycling projects.