Public transport

What is the issue?

Increased urban density in Stonnington (to meet state government policies) is reliant upon high quality public transport services.

Despite being well covered by public transport, with five different train lines across 15 stations, nine tram routes, 24 bus routes, and 99 per cent of households being within a 400m walk of at least one public transport route, the current frequency, accessibility and inter-connectivity of train, tram and bus services falls far short of meeting community needs.

There has been a strong upward trend in public transport use amongst residents (4 per cent increase from 2006 to 2011); however, only 26 per cent of residents use public transport for their journey to work.

Council has no direct role providing additional public transport services, however, Council does have an important advocacy role to secure frequent and accessible services to meet the demands of a growing population.

The City of Stonnington cannot emphasise enough that improved public transport infrastructure and service connections to deliver a safe, accessible and efficient transport system is vitally important to connect our people to places and jobs.

Our strategic approach

Council’s Public Transport Advocacy Plan (2014) outlines five high priority public transport priorities that would significantly benefit the Stonnington community and have positive flow-on effects for public transport patronage and easing of traffic congestion.

What needs to change?

To adequately service our growing community and ensure the economic prosperity of key activity centres, Stonnington needs:

  • increased service frequency and span of train and tram services
  • upgraded public transport in the Chapel Street / South Yarra precinct
  • upgraded railway stations
  • improved bus services
  • accessible infrastructure, and 
  • improved public transport access to Chadstone Shopping Centre.

Council action

Despite being well covered by public transport, the frequency, accessibility and inter-connectivity of train, tram and bus services in Stonnington falls far short of meeting community needs and expectations.

A poorly-serviced public transport network contributes to congestion on roads and undermines the significant financial investment of the State Government in public transport infrastructure.

Council has met with the State Government on the plan to upgrade the existing South Yarra Station, and will continue to seek to influence the scope of works and improvements needed to meet the needs of our growing community.