Stonnington Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017-2021

The Stonnington Public Health and Wellbeing Plan (SPHWP) is a key strategic planning tool that aims to maintain and improve public health and wellbeing at local community level.

Research shows that Stonnington residents continue to enjoy a level of health and wellbeing that is higher than the rest of Victoria. The reasons for Stonnington’s strong performance include the high socio-economic status of many residents and a youthful median age of 35 years.

In addition, a strong rate base allows Council to provide a broad range of services that contribute directly and indirectly to good health. However, Stonnington residents are not immune from the health and wellbeing risks affecting the rest of Victoria and Australia.

Included in these lifestyle-related risks are insufficient exercise, levels of nutrition, stress and alcohol. Along with smoking, these risk factors can contribute to significant loss of life quality and a high percentage of avoidable deaths. 

Evidence shows that prevention and early intervention are the strongest tools we have to fight lifestyle-related diseases. The provision of information, support and evidence-based programs, in addition to realistic health and wellbeing goals, are the key to a healthy future for the Stonnington community.

Download the Municipal Public Health Plan 2017-2021(PDF, 12MB)

Health and Wellbeing Snapshot 2017-2021

Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017-2021