Amendment C231

Proposed Public Acquisition Overlay, Prahran

In 2016 the City of Stonnington prepared Amendment C231 to the Stonnington Planning Scheme.

The Amendment proposed to apply a Public Acquisition Overlay (Schedule 3) to the land at 55 Porter Street, and part of 18-22 Grattan Street, Prahran (now 22A Grattan Street). The purpose of the overlay was to identify and reserve the land for future public open space.

Following exhibition of the Amendment, Council purchased both of the subject properties for open space. Consequently, the Amendment was no longer required.

Current Stage

At its meeting on 17 December 2018, Council resolved to abandon the Amendment as a result of the purchase of 55 Porter Street and 22A Grattan Street, Prahran.

The Minister for Planning and all submitters have been notified of Council’s decision.

Contact Us

Any enquiries about the Amendment should be directed to the Strategic Planning Team on 8290 1395 or email


C231-PAO-Prahran-Council-Minutes-Report-and-Attachments-17-12-18.pdf(PDF, 495KB)