Amendment C282

Extension of The Avenue Heritage Precinct and Protection of Three Individual Heritage Places

Panel report received

Following the Panel hearing in July, Council has received the Panel report for Amendment C282 which seeks to extend the heritage overlay to cover the following properties:

  • 1026 Malvern Road, Armadale
  • 46 Kyarra Road, Glen Iris
  • 44 Murphy Street, South Yarra
  • 31 to 53 (odd numbers) The Avenue, Windsor.

The Panel report can now be found in the documentation section below. 

Next steps

Council will consider whether to adopt Amendment C282 at an upcoming Council meeting. If the Amendment is adopted, it will be submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval. For more information, please contact Strategic Planning on 8290 1395 or email 


Stonnington City Council has prepared Amendments C282 and C283 to the Stonnington Planning Scheme which propose to apply heritage controls to the following properties:

  • 1026 Malvern Road, Armadale
  • 46 Kyarra Road, Glen Iris
  • 44 Murphy Street, South Yarra
  • The Avenue Precinct extension - 31 to 53 (odd numbers) The Avenue, Windsor

Amendment C282 proposes to apply permanent heritage controls to the extension of The Avenue Precinct and three individual places. Amendment C283 proposes to apply interim heritage controls to the same properties whilst the permanent heritage controls are progressed via Amendment C282.


Amendment C282 was exhibited from 14 February to 15 March 2019. The exhibited Amendment documents can be found in the documents section below.

Consideration of submissions

Following exhibition, Council considered submissions at its meeting on 6 May 2019. Council resolved to refer submissions to an independent panel appointed by the Minister for Planning.

Panel hearing

A Directions hearing was held on 30 May 2019 at the Malvern Town Hall.

A Panel hearing was held on 2 and 5 July at the offices of Planning Panels Victoria.

Expert witness statements for the Panel hearing together with other relevant panel documents including the Panel report can be found in the documents section below.

Amendment C283 - Interim Heritage Controls

Amendment C283 to the Stonnington Planning Scheme came into effect on 28 March 2019 and introduces interim heritage controls to the abovementioned places.

These interim controls will be in effect until 7 January 2020, while Council progresses Amendment C282. Please refer to the documents section for relevant maps and approved documents. 


C282 Panel Documents

C282-Panel-Report.pdf(PDF, 2MB)  

C282-Panel-Timetable.pdf(PDF, 119KB)

C282-Councils-Part-A-Submission-with-Attachments.pdf(PDF, 24MB)

C282-Expert-Evidence-Report-and-Attachments-Bryce-Raworth.pdf(PDF, 9MB)    

C282 Exhibited Documents

C282-Council-Minutes-Report-and-Attachments-17-09-18.pdf(PDF, 11MB)  

C282 Exhibited Documents

C283 Approved Documents

C283ston-Explanatory-Report.pdf(PDF, 30KB)

C283ston-Instruction-Sheet.pdf(PDF, 9KB)

C283ston-Notice-of-Approval-of-Amendment-Govt-Gazette-28-03-19.pdf(PDF, 129KB)

C283ston-Schedule-to-Clause-43.01.pdf(PDF, 229KB)

C283ston-Schedule-to-Clause-72.04.pdf(PDF, 16KB)

C283ston-001hoMap04.pdf(PDF, 323KB)

C283ston-002hoMap05.pdf(PDF, 255KB)

C283ston-003hoMap07.pdf(PDF, 281KB)

C283ston-004hoMap01.pdf(PDF, 291KB)

Map-01ho.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

Map-04ho.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

Map-05ho.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

Map-07ho.pdf(PDF, 671KB)




C283ston-Statement-of-Significance-The-Avenue-Precinct-Windsor-February-2019.pdf(PDF, 408KB)