Walk the Yarra

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Why not learn about your surroundings along the way?

Winding all the way from Punt Road to Grange Road and beyond, the Main Yarra Trail is a safe walking, running and cycling path.

This section of the trail can be broken up into short and long loops. Get your steps in and enjoy the surroundings.

Along this segment there are:

  • ten Life of the Yarra audio listening stations
  • two pieces of public art
  • four First Nations History Markers.

View Main Yarra Trail map

Short loop

Starting at Como Park, head towards the lights at Alexandra Avenue and Williams Road. Crossing safely, head towards the river and enter the Main Yarra Trail heading left, towards Melbourne City.

Follow the trail for about 20 minutes (approximate walking time), until you reach Punt Road. Turn around and head back towards Como Park.

Along this section of the Main Yarra Trail you can:

  • Listen to the Life of the Yarra audio tour. There are 5 listening stations along the way. Stop and enjoy these at the stations or listen as you go. You can download the tracks, or listen straight from the website.
  • See Twisted Bell by Anton Hasell.
  • Learn Stonnington's history with Indigenous History Markers including:
    • Derrimut, at Alexandra Avenue, South Yarra, west of Chapel Street
    • The Chief Protector, at Alexandra Avenue, South Yarra, east of Chapel Street.

Long loop

After completing the short loop, or if you're starting at Como Park, this part of the trail is a 30 to 45 minute loop.

Along this section of the Main Yarra Trail you can: