Baker Bleu opens stunning second location in Hawksburn Village

Published on 16 September 2021

Bagels sitting in bakery
Down in Hawksburn, a new arrival in the village has the locals buzzing.
The ever-popular Baker Bleu has set up shop, not so quietly tucked away on Errol Street. Filling the street with a deliciously warm scent of baked goods, the second location for Baker Bleu has been hotly anticipated for some time. 
Stocking bread in beloved boutique food outlets like Meatsmith, and Morning Market in Prahran, the second location for Baker Bleu made perfect sense for owners Mike and Mia Russell. 
"Hawksburn Village is a unique food hub. We felt like it was a good location to service our existing loyal customers who went out of their way to our Caulfield North location." says co-owner Mia Russell. 
“We’ve had a very warm and welcoming response from the community. People are pleasantly surprised when they follow their nose down Errol Street to discover us. It is uniquely Melbourne to find hidden treasures off the main street.”
Partnering with John Paul Twomey (previously of the Carlton Wine Room) the Hawksburn location brings to life a new lunch menu and an expansion of their delicious pastry offerings. Behind the glass, choose from pastries like chocolatine, escargot, vegemite twists, honey pecan buns, and sour cherry chocolate almond croissants. For those drawn to savoury options, dig into daily seasonal pizza slices with toppings like broccolini, tahini and tomato. 
Much loved for their sourdough bread, the new location also lends itself to a larger production space, giving the community a look into the making of their bread. 
“We think it’s great that our customers get a sneak peek into the magic of sourdough pastry production over its three day lifecycle.” says Mia. 
“We wanted the bakery to reflect our approach to artisan bread; using modern technology with ancient techniques to produce the best bread and pastry possible.”
While the first few weeks operating in a lockdown have been nothing short of big for Baker Bleu, Mia and the team are excited to have settled into Hawksburn and are excited to meet the new customers who walk through their doors in search of their famed bread and pastries. 
Baker Bleu is baking daily, Monday - Sunday, 8am - 5pm, or until sold out.

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