New cookie on the block: the cookie that everyone's reaching for

Published on 30 September 2021

Cookie with salt over the top

For many, lockdown has introduced us to new hobbies and interests. Some of us took to baking bread and sweet treats, others made new discoveries in our 5 km radius and found new local businesses to support.

For Georgina Thursby, these two silver linings turned out to be the perfect formula for Georgie’s Grub. In a few months alone, her solo cookie venture has evolved with a cult following that is taking Stonnington by a storm. 

What once began as a humble food blog, Georgie’s Grub has now pivoted into one of Melbourne’s small businesses to watch. Baking cookies filled with the most unusual pairing of flavours, the result is an entirely new sensory experience from taste to smell.

“The basis of Georgie’s Grub is to challenge the way people see flavour and ingredients. Using ingredients against their stereotypical ways, in unexpected ways that gets people questioning.” says Thursby, the owner and creative mind behind Georgie’s Grub.  

Those who have had a chance to taste a Georgie’s Grub cookie will agree too. With lockdown cookies boxes selling out within hours, and cookies in stock at Stan’s Deli in Malvern, demand is showing no signs of slowing.

No week is ever the same at Georgie’s Grub, with a weekly rotation of flavours on offer. Recently you would have found flavour combinations like bay leaf and chocolate, and miso caramel in your lockdown cookie boxes. The more unusual flavours that have challenged customer’s palettes include the likes of miso pecan and rye, or goats cheese, balsamic and walnut.

Working with a wide range of ingredients, Thursby has a rich background in working with food. Before focusing on Georgie’s Grub, she studied nutritional sciences and previously worked as a food technologist.

Black and white shot of Georgina Thursby

Georgina Thursby of Georgie's Grub

From a young age Thursby was drawn to food and cooking in her family. “I’ve always grown up in a very foodie heavy family so I got exposed to a wide range of flavours and food from a very young age - especially with being able to travel with my family.”

Working on Georgie’s Grub this year has been a dream come true for Thursby. While we’ve spent the last few months in lockdown, Georgie's Grub cookies have proved to be a delight for locals and regulars who can’t get enough of her creations.

“There are a few people that message me every week who are able to get down to Stan’s [Deli] and get one of my cookies, they say it’s literally the highlight of their week. I think you can't place any monetary value on that … having someone want one of my cookies that much … I never thought that would actually ever happen” Thursby says. “The support that people have got around my cookies has just been incredible … I think that's just like absolutely made it for me.”

Visit Georgie’s Grub website.
Cookie boxes available to order via @georgiesgrub

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