So Soiree Fringe Garden's hilarious week one comedy acts

Published on 20 September 2022

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For fans of thigh-slapping comedy, check out the epic comedic acts that are kicking off the first weekend of So Soiree Fringe Garden over Thursday 13 - Sunday 16 October. Whether you like dark humour, sketch comedy or naughty jokes, we have something to tickle your funny bone. 

Anna Lumb - Hard to Reach Places

Circus | Comedy

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In Hard to Reach Places, Anna Lumb brings you an intimate and powerfully authentic solo show that combines circus, movement, text and sound in a darkly humorous, irreverent and personal insight into one person’s daily experiences. 

Thursday, 13 October 2022 | 06:00 PM

Friday, 14 October 2022 | 06:00 PM

Otto and Astrid Play the Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Concert You've Ever Seen!

Cabaret | Comedy

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Dysfunctional brother sister duo Otto & Astrid, Berlin’s Prince and Princess of art rock and Europop from the cult band Die Roten Punkte, are returning to Melbourne to thunder through a showcase of their hits. And misses.  

Otto & Astrid will be one of the most irreverent and hilarious gigs you are ever likely to see. With ridiculously infectious songs, Otto & Astrid are truly one of a kind.  

Thursday, 13 October 2022 | 08:00 PM

Sunday, 16 October 2022 | 08:00 PM

Otto and Astrid Play the Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Concert You've Ever Seen! 

Garry Starr - Greece Lighting


Garry Starr Greece Lightning_1140x885.jpg

Never before has Medusa been looser, Achilles more sillies or Uranus so heinous. Having single handedly saved the performing arts in 2018 with his multi-award-winning debut show, comic wunderkind Garry Starr returns with another anarchic masterclass not to be mythed. 

Friday, 14 October 2022 | 08:00 PM

Saturday, 15 October 2022 | 08:00 PM

Garry Starr - Greece Lighting

Michelle Brasier - 'She'

Comedy | Theatre

Michelle Braiser - She_1140x885.jpg

Michelle Brasier's latest work, 'She', follows Michelle on an investigative mission to solve a mystery centered around an indie cinema, another Michelle Brasier and $10.50 in mostly coins. 

‘She' explores all the women sitting dormant in every woman. What choices could you have made to lead you somewhere else? And how much better would she be? 

Saturday, 15 October 2022 | 06:00 PM

Sunday, 16 October 2022 | 06:00 PM

Michelle Brasier - 'She'

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