Print, copy and scan services

Self-service facilities at the Library are provided by Bear Solutions.

At all branches you can:

  • Print from a Library computer
  • Print from a USB/Multimedia card
  • Copy
  • Scan

Please refer to instructions below or ask staff at the desk for help.

1) Adding Credit to Your Library Card
2) To Copy
3) To Print from a Library Computer
4) Releasing Your Print Job 
5) To Print from a USB/Multimedia card
6) Scan
7) Charges

1) Adding Credit to Your Library Card

You can add credit with cash (coins only) or EFTPOS, no change is given. Please note, funds loaded are not refundable.

1. Press the screen to start.

2. Scan your Library card.

4. Follow the prompts on the screen.

5. Press Finish to close your transaction.

2) To Copy

1. Scan your card.

2. Select Copy and place your document on the copier.

3. Select options for copying to set requirements (default is black & white A4, doublesided) on the copiers touchscreen panel.

4. Press the green Start button to copy. The cost will be displayed on the card reader screen.

3) To Print from a Library Computer

1. Click on Print or go to File then Print; this will open the Bear Solutions print window.

2. Enter your full membership card number at Borrower No. Click OK

3. Another window will open, which will let you change the default printing settings (eg. to double-sided A4, colour) by ticking or unticking the various options.

 4. Click OK and a Document Summary screen will display your printing selections. Click OK to send to the Print Queue or Cancel to delete the print job.  Your account is not charged until you release and print, so you can send your document/s to the Print Queue, and then add credit to your copy card before printing.

4) Releasing Your Print Job

You will require your Library Card to release your print job and it will only be printed once released and paid for.

The screen will display the credit balance on your card. You must have enough for the document/s to print; if not, add credit.

At the Print and Document Release Station:

1. Scan your card.

2. Select Print from PC.

3. Select your document/s to be printed, then press Print (to print all documents at once, press the Print All button). Your print jobs will now be printed. Collect your documents from the printer.

4. When finished, press logout to end your session.

Please note: the terminal does not accept devices considered external hard drives. (ie. it is not possible to plug an iPhone directly into the Print and Document Release Station via its USB cable.)

5) To Print from a USB/Multimedia card

1. Scan your card.

2. Select Print from USB.

3. Insert your device in the appropriate media slot. Wait a moment and it will display your documents/folders.

4. a) Select your document/s to be printed, press Next
    b) You can preview your document by pressing Preview my document. If ok, press X to close the preview screen. Press Next. 
    c) Select your print options and note the cost in the bottom left. Press Next
    d) A summary of your print job will be displayed. Click on either Print option to print your document. Or Cancel to exit

6) Scan

Please note: there is no charge to use scanning facilities. 

To Scan and Store to USB:

1. On the touch screen panel, press Store to USB.

2. Insert USB, press Confirm and wait.

3. Select options from the tabs on the screen as required:

  • Folder to Save in
  • Advanced Settings
  • Layout Adjustment and
  • Filing Options

4. You can tick the option to Preview your scanned document.

5. Press the green Start button to scan your document.

6. Press Save and note the file name created.

7. When finished, press the silver Services Home button and remove your USB.

7) Charges

Printing is charged per side of page printed on. Example: a double-sided (one sheet) of A4 black and white is 40 cents.

 Black and white:

  • A4: 20 cents per page
  • A3: 40 cents per page


  • A4: $1 per page
  • A3: $2 per page


  • No charge





 Please note

  • We will not reimburse unused credit in cash.
  • Credit on damaged, lost or stolen library cards cannot be transferred to a new card.
  • Library users are responsible for ensuring they comply with Copyright law.

All printing must comply with copying regulations, including Copyright law and restrictions on some items. (Copyright information is posted near all Copiers.)


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