RBdigital Instructions and Help

Zinio for Libraries has changed its name and is now known as RBdigital. There has been no change to the content available and a new easy to use app RBdigital is now available. Download and use the new RBdigital app, available in the App store and the Google Play store.  

RBdigital app.png

  • To log into the new RBdigital app, use your existing Zinio for Libraries email/username and password.
  • Zinio for Libraries app users can download and open the new RBdigital app to explore our magazine collection and access all previously checked out magazines.  You will however, need to re-download any magazines again to read offline.  
  • To be able to read offline the magazine must be fully downloaded. The thin blue line in the middle of the screen indicates how much has been downloaded. Once the blue line has disappeared the magazine is full downloaded.

 magazine web1.jpg

Having trouble logging into RBdigital? Try using your email address as your username. 

Please contact Library staff if you have any problems accessing the new RBdigital

 Discover how to create your RBdigital account, check out magazines and read on computer or mobile device.

1) Access RBdigital for first time users

  • Click on RBdigital link via Stonnington Libraries website on a desktop computer or mobile device
  • Click on Create New Account on top right hand corner
  • Enter full Library Card number with no spaces
  • Create account by completing details as required and click Create Account
  • Browse magazines Note: Only the magazine titles subscribed to by Stonnington Libraries appear.
  • Click on title you would like to read and click on Checkout.
  • Click on Start Reading
  • Magazine will open for reading online in your browser (if reading on desktop computer)

2)  Add more magazines to collection or continue reading

a) If you are already Logged In (following on from Step 1)

  • Click on a magazine title you would like to read
  • Click on the Checkout button
  • Title is automatically added to My Collection 
  • Click on Start Reading
  • Magazine will open for reading online in your browser (if reading on desktop computer)

b) For returning users (not already Logged In)

  • Via Stonnington Libraries website click on RBdigital link (formerly Zinio)
  • Click on Log in on top right hand corner
  • Log in  with email and password as created in Step 1.
  • If you want to continue reading a previously checked out title click on My Collection.

3) Access RBdigital via App on mobile device

Apps are available for viewing and borrowing magazines. The app allows you to download magazine to your device and then read while not connected to the internet. 

  • Create your Accounts as described above (Step 1)
  • Download RBdigital App for your mobile device (available in the App store and the Google Play store)
  • Log in to the RBdigital app
  • Select Australia
  • Enter username created in Step 1
  • Select Stonnington Library
  • Enter password created in Step 1
  • If you have previously used Zinio for Libraries the last 30 titles that you borrowed will appear in the app
  • Click explore or the + to add more titles to your collection
  • Click on read to open and download the magazine. Note: You will need to  do this step to be able to read your magazine offline

4) Add new issues of magazine title to My Collection.

  • If you opted to you will receive email notifications when a new issue is available.
  • You will need to Log in to RBdigital via website or from within the app, locate the new issue and checkout/read.