BorrowBox eAudiobook Help

If you have a smart device/phone you  can download eAudiobooks (and eBooks) by installing the BorrowBox app via iTunes or Google Play Store.

To download eAudiobooks to your computer and transfer to your device/mp3 player you need to:

1) Search and Borrow an eAudiobook
3) Download an eAudiobook
4) Locate and Transfer eAudiobook
5  Return an eAudiobook early   

 1) Search and Borrow an eAudiobook 

  • Search the collection and click on the Borrow button below the title's cover. This will take you to the Loan Confirmation page.
  • Click Confirm eAudiobook Loan. This will take you to the Loan Successful page.  A loan confirmation email will also be sent to your nominated email address.
  • Choose whether you wish to Continue Browsing or Download your loan.
  • This title will now be visible beneath Active Loans/Reserves on the right side of your My Account page.

 2)  Download an eAudiobook

  • You can  choose to either " Download complete eAudiobook" or in Parts.
  • If you get a pop-up with options to " Open, Run or Save"  your loan when you download, make sure that you select Save and take note of the location of where the file will be Saved to. Tip: Save to desktop so the file is easy to find. Check Download folder on your computer if you can not locate your eAudiobook after downloading 

4) Locate and Transfer eAudiobook

  • Locate your downloaded eAudiobook folder, if required Unzip the File ( right click and select Extract All, then follow the prompts to finish Unzipping).
  • Move the file to your media library.
  • Connect your device to your computer with the cable that was supplied with your device.
  • Transfer the eAudiobook to your device (by Click and Drag) or Sync device as required.

 5 ) Return an eAudiobook early

  • Click on My Account
  • Locate item you would like to return under Active Loans/Reserves
  • Click on Return button
  • Click on Confirm Return


Visit the BorrowBox Help pages for more information and FAQs