Health Club

Harold Holt Swim Centre has a fully equipped gym with qualified instructors that can work with you to achieve your goals.

Our gym offers something for everybody.

Whether you're new, returning to exercise or a seasoned trainer, we're here to support you.

The Health Club is on the first floor of the Centre. We have a lift if you can't use the stairs.

Opening hours

The Health Club opening hours are:

Monday to Thursday: 5.45am - 9pm
Friday: 5.45am - 8pm
Saturday: 7am - 7pm
Sunday: 8am - 7pm

Our instructors

All of our gym instructors are registered with Fitness Australia or Physical Activity Australia and are First Aid and CPR trained.

Some of our instructors are also Exercise Physiologists registered with Exercise and Sports Science Australia.


The Health Club offers a wide range of equipment including:

  • Cardio zone with treadmills, upright bikes (electronic and spin), recumbent bikes, arm grinder, ellipticals, boxing bags and speedballs
  • Strength zone with pin-loaded equipment and free weights, including dumbbells, barbells, squat rack, benches (flat, incline, decline and barbell) and TRX (suspension training)
  • Functional training equipment to help you perform tasks at home, at work or playing sports
  • Stretch zone with a stretching cage, mats and lots of floor space for core and stretching exercises

Program rooms

The Health Club has two group fitness rooms with workout equipment, including:

  • Steps, dumbbells and bars with adjustable weight plates
  • Boxing equipment
  • Yoga mats
  • Functional training equipment and more

Getting started

When you first join, book your health introduction session with a gym instructor.
This session is free with your membership and includes:
  • Your health and fitness goals
  • Health tests
  • Gym tour
  • Optional tailored program

Gym etiquette

Keep our Health Club safe, happy and hygienic for everybody.


  • Use a gym towel and wipe equipment down after use
  • Don't drop weights
  • Return weights and workout equipment after use
  • Wear appropriate clothes for exercise, including sports shoes
  • No food, alcohol or glass bottles
  • Be respectful and polite

Harold Holt Health Club