Learn to Swim

The Learn to Swim Program at Harold Holt Swim Centre offers swimming lessons for infants, preschool and school-aged children, right through to adults.

Our program encourages swimmers of all ages and abilities to build confidence and enjoyment of the water.

We take pride in creating a fun, safe and professional learning environment that caters to each student's needs.

All teachers are AUSTSWIM, Swim Australia or Life Saving Victoria qualified, with some licensed to teach multiple disciplines, including:

  • infants
  • adults
  • access all abilities classes.

Our lessons run over four quarters per year. To view when we are running our lessons through the year, see our program dates.

Children's lessons

Teaching your child to swim is an important life decision.

Our Learn to Swim Program offers children's swimming lessons for infants through to school-aged children.

We provide a professional, safe and fun learning environment for children of all ages and abilities to build confidence and an enjoyment of water.

Swim lesson levels

Swim lessons are available for:

  • infants - aged 6 months to 3 years
  • preschoolers - aged 3 to 5 years (no swimming experience needed)
  • school kids - aged 5 years and up (no swimming experience needed).


Infant lessons are perfect for introducing your child to the water.

Lessons focus on:

  • submersion
  • floatation
  • movement
  • fundamental water safety skills, and
  • parent/child bonding in the water.

We develop their skills with fun activities, games and songs – so warm up those voices!

Infant lessons are for these age groups:

Level Ratio Location
Angelfish (6 to 12 months) 1:8 Warm Water Pool
Rainbowfish (1 to 2 years) 1:8 Warm Water Pool
Clownfish (2 to 3 years) 1:8 Warm Water Pool

Pool location for lessons may change due to pool closures.


Children aged 3 years and older have lessons without a parent in the water.

Each Learn to Swim level includes competitive swimming strokes and essential water safety skills.

Level Ratio Location
Starfish 1:4 Learn to Swim Pool
Jellyfish 1:4 Learn to Swim Pool
Crab 1:5 Learn to Swim Pool
Seal 1:5 Learn to Swim Pool

Pool location for lessons may change due to pool closures.


Lessons for school-aged children focus on:

  • confidence and skill in the four competitive strokes, and
  • vital water safety skills.

Children progress through the following levels as their skills grow.

Class sizes and location vary depending on the level:

Level Ratio Location
Seahorse 1:5 Learn to Swim Pool
Squid 1:5 Learn to Swim Pool
Turtle 1:6 25m Pool
Frog 1:6 25m Pool
Penguin 1:6 25m Pool
Stingray 1:6 25m Pool
Snapper 1:8 25m Pool

Pool location for lessons may change due to pool closures.

Adult and teen lessons

It's never too late to learn how to swim.

We provide lessons for adults wanting more confidence in the water or those wishing to work on their techniques.

Swim lesson levels

We offer three levels of classes, for first-timers through to competent swimmers:

  • Beginner: No experience or limited experience and confidence. Introduction to freestyle and backstroke up to 12 m.
  • Intermediate: Can swim at least 12 m of freestyle and backstroke and wish to work on technique.
  • Advanced and Teen Fit Squad: Can swim at least 50 m of freestyle and backstroke and wish to work on stroke development.

About the classes

  • Lessons are 30 minutes long and held in the indoor 25 m pool, heated to 30°C.
  • Pool location for lessons may change due to pool closures.
  • Each class has a maximum of 6 students.

How to enrol

Create an Xplor account

To enrol and manage your Learn to Swim lessons, it's best to create an online account.

An Xplor account allows you to:

  • enrol in a class and choose the day and time that suits you
  • manage membership and classes for your whole family
  • pay for classes and set up direct debit payments
  • review assessment results
  • cancel a lesson and book makeup lessons.

Create an account

Determine the swimming level

How you determine the swim level depends on the student's age:

  • If enrolling in adult or teen classes, read about our swim levels and decide which one suits your ability.
  • For preschool and school-aged children, we have many swim levels to suit varying abilities. We'll select the best swim level for them after you complete our online questionnaire.
  • For infant classes, enrol your child based on their age.

Enrolments will be based on class availability.

Enrol in classes

For pre-school and school-aged children

Before you can enrol, we must assign a swim level for your child.

Complete the online questionnaire, then:

  • Call the centre on 03 8290 1678 and let us know your questionnaire result
  • We'll select the best swim level and add it to your child's Xplor profile
  • Log into your account, enrol in the class and pay.

Xplor will not allow you to book classes without a swim level assigned to the child's profile.

For adults, teens and infant classes

Log into your account, select the class you wish to enrol in, then select 'book now'.

Get more help with using your Xplor account.

Book a swim lesson

Alternatively, you can enrol by calling us on 03 8329 1678 or in person at the centre. We can perform the assessment over the phone and in person, as well as enrol your child on the spot.

Set up direct debit and pay for your lessons

You can set up your direct debit online through your Xplor account.

If you have enrolled over the phone, you can pay online through your account. This will need to be done before the first class.

If enrolled in person, you will pay at the time of enrolment.

Assess and monitor your progress

We assess all our students every three months to track their swimming skills progress. Assessment results are uploaded to your Xplor account. If a student needs to progress to a different level, we'll inform you and help you enrol in the new level.

Learn to Swim lessons and fees

The cost of the Learn to Swim program is $24.50 per lesson. Your nominated account will be debited fortnightly. You can find the exact direct debit dates on your Xplor account or our Learn to Swim calendar(PDF, 155KB).

You will only be debited for the lessons held in the fortnightly direct debit period. If the lesson isn't running due to school holiday breaks, public holidays or centre closure, you will not be charged.

The following is included in your Learn to Swim lessons.

  • One lesson a week.
  • Unlimited access to Harold Holt Swim Centre and Prahran Aquatic Centre aquatic areas to practice swimming skills. This includes one accompanying parent or guardian for children under the age of ten. Access excludes warm water pool, sauna, spa and steam room.
  • Six make-up lessons per financial year for when the student is unable to attend a class.
  • 10 per cent discount on swimwear.
  • 10 per cent discount for the third and more family members.
  • 5 per cent discount on the second lesson when the student attends two lessons each week.

Makeup lessons

You are eligible for six make-up lessons each financial year.

If you cannot attend a lesson, log into your Xplor account and withdraw from the class you will miss. You can then enrol in another class with your make-up lesson credit.

Get more help with how to book make-up lessons in the Xplor portal.

Cancellation of lessons

You can cancel your lessons anytime through your Xplor account. To cancel your Learn to Swim lessons, on the My Info page go to 'Schedule' then select 'List view'.

Get more help with how to cancel your Learn to Swim lessons.

Alternatively, you can cancel your lessons here, lesson cancellation form.

Cancellations are effective immediately. You'll receive an account credit for any lessons already paid for, which you can use at the centre (excluding the café).

No refunds will be given.