Sport4All disability program

Sport4All is a program funded by the Australian Government to support mainstream clubs and schools in building awareness around disability inclusion.

The City of Stonnington was one of the first Local Government Areas to partner with Get Skilled Access, developer of Sport4All. We worked to support the confidence and capability of local clubs and schools by welcoming and including more people with disability in every aspect, culturally and socially.

The motto 'any sport, anywhere for anyone' guides Sport4All's vision of giving people with disability the opportunity to participate in grassroots and school sports when, where and how they choose.

This program is not just about ramps and rails but a series of short videos and infographics that support building better awareness of disability inclusion across all forms of sport. From playing to coaching, umpiring to spectating.

If you would like to learn more about the program, please get in touch with Active Stonnington at

Get skilled access featuring Dylan Alcott

Come and try day

Sport4ALL webinars

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Image credit: Get Skilled Access