Increase your steps

Stonnington has many areas to walk, run or cycle. Whether you're looking for an off-leash area for your dog or a local trail to explore, there are plenty of opportunities to get active.

Explore our trails

Looking for trails to walk, run or cycle to get active and get your steps up?

We've come up with a selection of trails to help you clock up some kilometres and take in the sights of the local neighbourhood.

Our list has been designed to suit any fitness level, from leisurely strolls to longer walks. Each trail features a map, difficulty level, and even points of interest.

To find out more about what trails we have to offer within Stonnington, visit the walking trails page.

Visit our parks

You can also explore our many parks, reserves and gardens to find a place for your next outdoor activity.

Whether taking your dog for a walk at one of our dog-friendly parks or enjoying one of Stonnington's many beautiful reserves, we have something for everyone.

Looking for something a bit different? Try following the Life of the Yarra audio tour.