Older Voices of the Pandemic

The City of Stonnington is undertaking a project to capture local experiences of living through the COVID-19 pandemic. This project provides the Stonnington History Centre with an opportunity to enrich its collection and provide insight into the lived experience of older people throughout the pandemic.

This project has been developed in conjunction with Way Back When Consulting Historians, a team of accredited and experienced professional historians.

The aim of the project is to capture the stories, observations, experiences and reflections of older people in relation to COVID-19, and how the pandemic has impacted their reality.

It is crucial that a variety of perspectives on this unique moment in history are heard and recorded, in the voices of people who are living it. This collection of interviews will make an important contribution to our broader understanding of the way lives have changed over this extraordinary period of time. This record will be of great benefit to us now, and to people in the future.

Project launch

We are launching this project with a public screening of the short film on Thursday 12 October. See our Events page for more information and to book your place.