Stonnington History Centre

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The Stonnington History Centre is an archive dedicated to preserving and interpreting the history of the City of Stonnington and its antecedents, the former Cities of Malvern and Prahran.

The Centre is a branch of Stonnington Library and Information Service and provides our community with local history information and services.

Situated within the historic house Northbrook, the Centre is located behind Malvern Library and near Malvern Town Hall.

A car park out the front of Malvern Library has two disability-permit parking spaces (timed restrictions apply).  


Please advise us in advance of your visit if you require assistance with accessibility, as there are steps from the carpark through the grounds with further steps up to the front door.

Conditions of Use

Restricted Access Material

Access to some material may be restricted because of its confidentiality, rarity or fragility. Viewing and reproduction permission is given at the discretion of staff.

Public Access Material

Any material contained in the collection which does not fall into the restricted access category will be made accessible to the public for research purposes by appointment.

Conditions of Access & Reproductions

  1. A fee will be charged for research beyond the first 30 minutes of an enquiry, and for the reproduction of any item in the collection.
  2. We provide research information that is believed to be current and accurate at the time of the research request, and cannot be held responsible for any subsequent contradictory research findings.
  3. Any member of the public accessing the centre to conduct their own research must be under the supervision of History Centre staff and act according to preservation handling and other procedures outlined by staff.
  4. Persons wishing to reproduce or publish rare or original material must submit an application on the appropriate form. This form requires identification of each item and a description of how each item is to be used or reproduced. 
  5. When permission is given to use or reproduce material held by the Stonnington History Centre, the source of the material must be acknowledged in the manner specified by our staff. We reserve the right to refuse permission to reproduce any item based on the value, rarity or physical condition of the item.
  6. The City of Stonnington does not hold copyright for all material in our collection. In such cases it is the responsibility of the user to obtain consent from the copyright holder to publish an item.

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