Young Voices of the Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed our lives in countless ways. It has had an impact on everyone in our community, including young people. Stonnington’s Young Voices of the Pandemic project captures the stories, observations, experiences and reflections of local children and young people, in their own unique words.

In 2021 the Stonnington History Centre commissioned Way Back When Consulting Historians to interview ten young people about their experiences of COVID-19. Our participants — Abbey, Aira, Amelie, Ari, Justin, Kush, Rafi, Rochelle, Thomas and Toby — were aged between 7 and 14 years old at the time of the interviews. 

They recall how they first heard about COVID-19; show drawings of the virus; reflect on Melbourne's lockdowns and how they spent their time; talk about getting vaccinated; and share what they want future generations to know about living through the pandemic.

Watch the short video below to hear some of the hilarious and heart-warming ups and downs of this extraordinary period in history through the eyes of children and young people. Alternatively, make an appointment to visit the Stonnington History Centre to read full transcripts of the interviews.

     2023 VCHA Commendation sticker

This project recently received a Commendation in the 2023 Victorian Community History Awards.

We also encourage you to view our companion oral history project, Older Voices of the Pandemic.