Magazines and newspapers

Discover the latest editions of magazines and newspaper from around the world with PressReader or read the latest Good Reading magazine for reviews of books. You can also access articles from Australian newspapers to read, listen or download through ANZ Reference Centre Plus.

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ANZ Reference Centre Plus 

Read Australasian magazines, newspapers and reference books with ANZ Reference Centre Plus.

Titles include: Choice MagazineThe AgeThe Sunday Age, and The Australian Financial Review. Articles from The Herald SunThe Australian, and The Australian Magazine are available up to 27 May 2020.


Good Reading

Good Reading publish Good Reading magazine for adults, PK Mag for kids and Spine Out for young adults.

The Good Reading Online Hub for Book Lovers helps members to:  

  • Recommend books to other readers.
  • Write your own reviews.
  • Read what other members recommend.
  • Access a digital replica of the Good Reading Magazine.

PK Mag

PK Mag is an Australian digital only magazine for primary kids.

Spine Out


Spine Out is an exciting online magazine for Young Adults. It’s a special place for Young Adults to express their ideas and thoughts and to share their creativity in words, art, film or music.

Pressreader newsletter.png PressReader

PressReader allows you to access over 7000 magazines and newspapers from around the world. 

You can also read online or download magazines and newspapers by downloading the PressReader app via the AppStore and Google Play store.

Getting started with PressReader

To access PressReader you will need your library card number and library password. If you have forgotten your library password you can reset your password online.

View a video on how to get started with the app. 

To access from a PC

  1. Click the PressReader link.
  2. Click on sign in (top right hand side)
  3. Select Library or Group
  4. Search for and select Stonnington Library
  5. Login with your library card number and password

To access from your tablet:

  1. Download the AppStore app or Google Play Store app
  2. Click on sign in 
  3. Select Libraries and Group
  4. Search for and select Stonnington Library
  5. Login with your library card number and password



On RBdigital you can access digitised copies of more than 60 popular magazine titles, including OK! Magazine, New Scientist and Better Homes & Gardens. Magazines are a permanent loan (no need to return) and there are no loan limits. 

View magazines on your computer or mobile device. Download the app for your mobile device from AppStore or the Google Play Store.

Help is available on our eLibrary help page.