Public computers and wifi

All libraries have free public computers and WiFi for use by library members.

Public computer and internet users must abide by our Public Computer and Internet Conditions of Use policy.

Stonnington Library & Information Service: Public Computer and Internet Conditions of Use

Public computer and internet users must abide by the following policies and guidelines. The library reserves the right to terminate and/or suspend the public computer and Internet access privileges and/or the borrowing privileges of any person breaching these Conditions of Use and any Council policy regarding them. 

  • Users must be members of the Stonnington Library service. Computer usage is limited to 2 hours per person per day.
  • Users must abide by copyright and all other applicable Federal, State and Local laws.
  • Users must abide by library policies and regulations.
  • The library is a public place. Internet/computer use must meet general community standards.
  • Users must not access illegal, inappropriate or offensive material.
  • Users under the age of 18 years must carry and show a signed Internet authorisation membership card. Otherwise, they must supervised by their parent/guardian.
  • Users are not permitted to load software onto library computers.
  • Users are not permitted to make changes to PC settings or hardware.
  • Users must keep to specified booking time and PC allocations.
  • Complete all printing and/or downloading before the end of each session.
  • The library reserves the right to check any user’s use of its computers and their use of internet access. This includes user’s data transmissions, sent and received. This check may occur if a library staff member suspects that a user is or may be in breach of these Conditions of Use.  


  • Bookings are essential for all 2 hours (120 minutes) PCs.
  • Make self-bookings up to 7 days in advance, for up to 1 hour per day.
  • Users must abide by the time limit of the booking.
  • Bookings may be cancelled after 10 minutes if a user does not arrive on time.


  • Charges are made for printing.
  • Printing is available on paper supplied by the library.
  • Documents sent to the printer may be visible to other users.


  • The user acknowledges that use of the computers and the internet is entirely at the user’s risk. The City of Stonnington is not responsible for any loss or damage occurring from the use of this resource, including accuracy or content of web sites, technical difficulties, service interruptions, loss or corruption of data or the transmission of computer viruses.
  • The library service cannot vouch for or take responsibility for the information retrieved.

To accept these conditions and book a computer, select one of the links from those below:

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