Axis 360 eBooks on eReaders Help

If you have a mobile device you  can download eBooks by installing the Axis 360 app via AppStore and Google Play Store.

To access Stonnington Libraries Axis 360 eBook collection on an eReader you need to: 

1) Check your device is compatible 
2) Create an Adobe ID
3) Authorise and Install Adobe Digital Editions software to your computer
4) Download eBook to computer via Axis 360 website
5) Transfer eBook to device

 1) Check your device is compatible

For an eReader to be compatible with Axis 360 it must work with Adobe Digital Editions software. See if your eReader is compatible on the Adobe website.

Note: The list is not comprehensive as it is impossible to keep up with the constant production of new eReader products released. If your eReader’s user manual states that it is compatible with Adobe Digital Editions eBooks, Adobe DRM or Adobe Digital Editions then it would be safe to assume that the device is compatible with Axis 360 eBooks. If you find this is not the case, please contact the place of purchase or manufacturer to report this discrepancy.

 2) Create an Adobe Digital ID

  • Go to the Create Adobe ID sign in page and fill in the form to create your ID ( NOTE: You need to have an email address to create your Adobe ID)
  • Click on the Create button
  • A confirmation message will appear and your Adobe ID has been created!
  • You will need to authorise your Adobe Digital Editions software with this ID .

 3) Authorise and Install Adobe Digital Editions

  • If using a computer or compatible eReader,  you need to download Adobe Digital Editions software to read and download eBooks from Axis 360.
  • To download the Adobe Digital Editions software visit:
  • When requested to authorise software use your Adobe ID, as created in Step 2.

 4) Download eBook to computer via Axis 360 website

  • Go to the Axis 360 website
  • Browse the eBooks and make a selection
  • Select Checkout
  • Log-in with Library card number and pin
  • Click on the menu (3lines in the top left corner)
  • Click on checkouts
  • Click on more options and then the Download link
  • eBook will download and open in Abode Digital Editions

 5) Transfer eBook to an eReader device 

  • Attach your eReader device to your computer using connection cable provided with eReader.
  • Downloaded eBook will appear in Adobe Digital Editions in the list on the left side.
  • Transfer eBook from computer as required by your device. If you need assistance with this step refer to user manual for device or ask place of purchase.