BorrowBox eBooks for mobile devices instructions + help

Follow these instructions for downloading an eBook or eAudiobook to your mobile device with the Borrowbox app. Discover how to:

1) Download the Borrowbox App
2) Create your account 
3) Download an eBook or eAudiobook
4) Renew a loan
5) FAQs

 1) Download the Borrowbox App

  • Download Borrowbox app here via AppStore or Google Play Store or keyword search for “Borrowbox” in your app store
  • When the download is complete, find the Borrowbox app icon on the device's wall. Open the Borrrowbox app.

 2) Create your account

  • In 'Sign in with your Library ID' or ' Welcome" screen touch on Library and start typing “Stonnington”. Touch Stonnington Library when it appears.
  • Enter your full library card number as “ID/Barcode”  
  • Enter your library pin/password as “PIN/Password
  • Touch Sign in
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions
  • In 'Complete Registration' screen enter your email address and touch Done

  3) Download an eBook

  • Touch on eBooks or eAudiobooks icon
  • Browse collection and make your selection by touching on cover of title
  • Touch Borrow and Confirm Loan
  • Touch Download Now to download to your iPad
  • Touch on My Loans Icon to locate your downloaded eBooks.

 4) Renew a loan

You can renew an item twice for 14 days. A renewal counts as one loan; therefore if you have no loans available you cannot renew an item. You can renew even if item is reserved by another borrower.

  • Locate the item you would like to renew in My Loans screen and touch Renew button
  • Confirm Renewal.

 5) FAQs

  • Can I return a title early? 
    Yes, locate the title you would like to return in My Loans and touch Return and Confirm Return.
  • Why I cannot see any of My Loans history or current Loans?
    Ensure have logged on to the BorrowBox app with the same card number you used to create your account. If you created your account with your full library card number (2002900xxxxxxx) and have then reset the app and logged in with only the last seven digits of library card number, it will not recognise your loans.
  • How do I reset my BorrowBox app?
    Navigate to the Settings tab, go to the Account Details section and press the Reset button. Please note that all current downloads will be lost. You will then be asked to sign in again.
    Press the Menu button at the top right of the screen or on some devices below the screen and select Account Details. On the following screen select the Reset App option.