Privacy policy

The Stonnington Library and Information Service Information Privacy Policy is in accordance with the City of Stonnington Information Privacy Policy. Council is committed to full compliance with its obligations under the Information Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. In particular, the City of Stonnington will comply with the Information Privacy Principles contained in the Act.

In addition to complying with the City of Stonnington Information Privacy Policy, The Stonnington Library and Information Service also complies with the Information Privacy Principles contained in the Act as it relates to information specifically held for library-related purposes. These explanations are included below.

SLIS collects only personal information that is necessary for the performance of its functions.
The information is used to facilitate the collection of material on loan from the library, which has not been returned, or to notify members of the availability of reserved items.
Information is collected directly from users via an application for membership form, or from a parent or guardian if the applicant is under the age of eighteen.

Use and disclosure
SLIS does not disclose personal information from its membership database, unless required by law to do so.

Data quality
As far as possible, SLIS ensures that the information in its membership database is accurate, complete and up-to-date. Users are asked annually to confirm their address, telephone and email details.
User records are removed from the database if a member has not used the library service for approximately three years, and has no outstanding transactions.

This privacy policy is available on the SLIS website, and at all SLIS service points.

Unique identifiers
Each library member is assigned a unique identifier, in the form of a membership number, in order to identify individuals for the purpose of library operations.
An individual's membership number is not disclosed to any other organisation.

Wherever feasible, library users are not required to identify themselves.
Accessing some library services requires identification by means of a library card.