Forms for changing your details

There are lots of reasons why you might change your details and it’s important to let us know about these changes.

Here are some typical changes and how to inform us of them:


If you've changed your mailing address, let us know in writing.

There are two ways of doing this.

Please provide any alternative contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses, when you contact Council.


To change your name on Council records, download and complete the Change of Name Form(PDF, 157KB).

Provide a copy of your change-of-name certificate (birth, marriage, deed poll) confirming your name change.

Send your completed form to

Property ownership

Normally, your legal representative will send us a Notice of Acquisition of an Interest in Land detailing the terms of the purchase (or transfer) of your property.

Within one month of property transfer, you will need to lodge a completed Notice of Acquisition Form(PDF, 637KB).

Completed forms can be sent to

No longer owning

Your legal representative will send a Notice of Disposition of an Interest in Land when you sell (or for some other reason no longer own) a property). This will provide the new property owner's details.

You'll be liable to pay rates for this property until we receive the Notice of Disposition Form(PDF, 552KB).

Send your completed form for