Be a walking and bike-friendly business

Did you know that many trips made within the City of Stonnington are less than two kilometres? For many people, this is a comfortable distance to walk or ride a bike. If more people chose to make these trips on foot or by bike, it would be safer for everyone and easier for people with limited mobility who need to travel by car.

Why walking or riding is good for business 

The Heart Foundation of South Australia's Good for Busine$$ discussion paper highlights the benefits to retailers if more people travel to their business on foot or by bike. It also shares case studies from around the world that show how catering for pedestrians can increase business and vitality.

By being a walking and bike-friendly business, you can encourage your customers to make unplanned and incidental visits. It's easier for customers to drop in to a business when on foot or on a bike, than it is when driving a car.

In 2021, we surveyed shoppers to find out how they travelled to their local shopping precincts and found that, on average, people who walk to a shopping area spend more, over time.

By making it easier for people to walk or ride to our shopping precincts, we not only reduce traffic congestion and emissions, we also create healthier, calmer and more quiet places where people enjoy visiting and spending time.

Walking, riding or travelling by public transport is better for everyone and it’s good for business!

How you can promote walking or riding

Here are some ways you can encourage more people to visit your business or event by walking or riding a bike.

‘How to get there’ information to your business or event

Visit our getting around Stonnington page for information you can share with your customers.

You’ll find resources to help your customers plan their trip to your business or event by walking, riding or by public transport.

Make a pledge on your website and social media

People generally like to support businesses and events that have a positive social and environmental impact.

Making a public commitment to support sustainable travel actively demonstrates that you prioritise your community’s health, wellbeing, safety and the environment.

Promote in your marketing material

Use your marketing or communication channels to share regular messages that encourage your customers to travel sustainably to your business or event.

This may include your website, newsletter or social media.

Common Cause Australia has a message guide to help you get started with tips on how to communicate the benefits of walking and bike riding to a broad audience.

Offer incentives

Provide discounts or prizes to customers if they travel by walking or bike riding.

Promote the offer on your marketing and communication channels such as your website, newsletter or social media.

Request bike parking near your business

Conveniently located bike parking is a good way to encourage people who ride a bike to visit your business.

To request bike parking near your business, email

Share information about accessible facilities near your business

People with disability often want to travel by walking, wheeling or public transport, but don’t always have the information to plan their journey.

You'll find an online map with accessible travel options on our Getting around Stonnington page.