Public Housing

Public housing is long-term rental housing for people on low incomes that are most in need, especially those who have recently experienced homelessness, family violence or have other special needs.

Public housing is owned and managed by the State Government Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH).

The City of Stonnington does not own or manage public housing. However, we have a responsibility for maintaining the amenity of our local streets and ensuring they remain accessible, safe, usable and clean.

Who can I contact if I have a concern?

Issues relating to the property

Concerns relating to a public housing property or behaviour endangering the safety of neighbours can be reported to Prahran Housing office. Call 03 9096 9996 or email

Issues relating to safety

Non urgent reports can be made to the Police assistance line. Call 131 444 or submit a report online.

Immediate threats to safety should be reported to Victoria Police, call 000 (triple zero).

If you have a concern regarding the immediate surrounds of a public housing property (including hard rubbish), you can report it to the City of Stonnington online or by calling 03 8290 1333. If Council receives a complaint from the community regarding a public housing property, we refer the complaint to the Prahran Office of Housing for investigation.

What happens if a renter is disruptive?

Reports of disruptive behaviour affecting neighbouring residents, can be reported to the Prahran Housing office by emailing or calling 03 9096 9996.

When making a report, it is important to provide details of:

  • the circumstances (incident)
  • date and time
  • address (unit number, if known)
  • whether Police attendance was requested.

Prahran Housing office staff will investigate and determine if the resident is in breach of their agreement.

What are the rights and responsibilities of tenants?

Public housing tenants have the same rights as renters in private properties. Like private rental, tenants of public housing enter into an agreement at the beginning of their tenancy and their rights are protected under the Residential Tenancies Act (1997).

Tenants have a responsibility to comply with their obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act and their tenancy agreement. A tenant is also responsible for the behaviours of other persons residing in the premises and visitors to the property.

What happens if a tenant breaches their agreement?

Prahran Housing office staff will determine, following investigation, if a breach has occurred.

When determining the course of action, consideration is given to contributing factors such as mental health, disability or family violence issues.

A complex decision-making process exists to balance the human rights of a tenant with the state government’s obligations as a landlord. This process is comprised of multiple steps and actions which can take from several months to over six months to resolve, depending on the situation.