Council Plan and Community Vision

Future Stonnington

On Monday 18 October 2021, the City of Stonnington adopted Future Stonnington(PDF, 22MB) which incorporates two important documents:

  • the Stonnington Community Vision 2040 – articulating the community's aspirations for the future
  • our Council Plan 2021–25 – how we will strive towards this vision over the next four years.

Future Stonnington reflects nine months of conversations with our community about the future they want for our city. This included a process of deliberative engagement with our Shaping Stonnington People's Panel.

Our vision for Stonnington is to be a safe, inclusive and creative city. One where we celebrate our people, history and culture, and embrace a healthy and sustainable way of life. Read the full vision statement and supporting principles(PDF, 6MB) within Future Stonnington.

To bring this vision to life, our Council Plan 2021–25 sets out strategic directions and objectives to guide our organisation over the next four years. The plan positions Stonnington as:

  • a thriving and unique place
  • an inclusive and healthy community
  • a people-centred and future-ready city.

Each year, Council develops an Annual Plan which describes the activities we will undertake each financial year to implement the Council Plan 2021–25. Our Annual Plans are available for download:

Year 2: Annual Plan 2022–23(PDF, 2MB)

Year 1: Annual Plan 2021–22(PDF, 5MB)

Together, these documents will guide how we respond to the current challenges we face as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and how we will prepare for future challenges and opportunities. They outline how we will rebuild stronger, thriving and healthy communities and how we will consider the needs of all members of our community.

We thank our community for the fundamental role they have played in developing these key documents to help shape the vision for our future and look forward to continuing to work together to deliver on this vision and make Stonnington the best place to live, work, study and play for everyone.

Read Future Stonnington

Future Stonnington – quarterly progress updates

The Council Plan 2021–25 shapes what we do and how we will strive towards our vision. This progress will be shared in quarterly updates and measured against the strategic directions of the Council Plan.

In these updates, you'll get information on how we are working hard to deliver each action. If we're on track, there will be a green tick. If we're behind, there will be a yellow or red symbol and an explanation.

The first of these updates was published in early 2022. We are interested in feedback from our community on what you would like to see included. Please email with your feedback.

Progress updates

Quarter 2 2023–24(PDF, 6MB)

Quarter 1 2023–24(PDF, 9MB)

Annual Report 2022–23(PDF, 22MB)

Quarter 3 2022–23(PDF, 5MB)

Quarter 2 2022–23(PDF, 11MB)

Quarter 1 2022–23(PDF, 9MB)

Annual Report 2021–22(PDF, 8MB)

Quarter 3 2021–22(PDF, 5MB)

Quarter 2 2021–22(PDF, 3MB)

Quarter 1 2021-22 - no report produced