Why work at Stonnington?

We pride ourselves on supporting our people to achieve and succeed. This creates a work environment that is inclusive, engaging and rewarding. It also means that we can deliver excellent service and programs to the community, to help it develop and grow.

Employee benefits

We want our staff to enjoy their work by having a positive culture, support to grow their skills and workplace benefits.

Work with purpose

Enjoy coming to work each day knowing the work you do has a positive impact and changes lives – and that you are surrounded by people who feel the same way.

Professional growth

To support employee growth, we offer acting arrangements, secondments, and educational assistance. We're committed to leadership development and support and encourage professional memberships, networking, and conference attendance.

Celebrate successes

Our recognition programs and celebrating success days will acknowledge your achievements, and you will benefit from competitive salaries and annual Enterprise Agreement salary increases.

Sustainability initiatives

We aim to reach net zero emissions by 2030. To get us there, we're embedding sustainability into everything we do and ensure employees understand how to make a difference in their role.

To help make commuting as green as possible, we offer free myki cards for work-related travel, discounted myki cards through our Commuter Club, secure bike parking and on-site showers.

Work/life balance and support

It's important to maintain a balance at work, and we encourage this with a monthly accrued day off, flexible working arrangements and job share arrangements where operationally viable.

We also offer 26 weeks of paid primary caregivers leave and six weeks of paid secondary caregivers leave, as well as access to purchased leave, special leave provisions and long service leave entitlements.

Health and wellbeing

We understand life can be challenging sometimes. We have programs to provide support during these times, including:

  • employee well-being
  • employee assistance and peer support
  • discounted aquatic and gym memberships
  • a corporate health insurance plan
  • a social club priority access to Council-managed childcare facilities, maternal and child health, and immunisation services.

Our values

Our values are a part of who we are and how we act.

Work together

We know that working together means we get better results. We are a team, and together we achieve great things for our community.

Embrace change and new ideas

Finding better ways to do things and sometimes doing things that haven't been done before keeps us challenged, inspired and relevant.

Learn and grow

We encourage learning and create opportunities for people to grow and succeed for the benefit of our community.

Celebrate achievement

We work hard to achieve great outcomes, and we like how it feels when people stop to say, 'great job!' So we strive for excellence and celebrate our success.

Communication is key

We communicate in a respectful, transparent and inclusive manner. Being open and honest in our communications allows us to make better decisions.

Be accountable

We do things the right way for the right reasons. We are responsible and accountable for the work we do and the way we do it.

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