Request a Property Enquiry Report

If you are interested in buying a business in the City of Stonnington, you can request a Property Enquiry Report from Council. We will inspect the business and send you a report that details:

  • the current registered owner
  • information about the current registration, including the annual cost and expiry date
  • any non-compliant cleanliness or maintenance items we identified.  

Follow the steps below to request a Property Enquiry Report.

How to request a report

Complete the Owner’s Consent Form

You need the current business owner’s consent before we can inspect the property and complete the Property Enquiry Report. Download and complete the Owner's Consent Form(PDF, 818KB) to upload to your application.

Request the report

There is an upfront fee of $260, or $312 for a fast-tracked application, which you can pay before you submit your request.

Make sure you also have your completed Owner's Consent Form ready.

Request report

If you prefer a paper or PDF form, please contact us.

Have the property inspected

An Environmental Health officer will be in touch with the current business owner to organise a time to inspect the property.

Receive your Property Enquiry Report

We will send the completed report via email. The current business owner will also get a report.

Apply for business registration

If you want to go ahead with starting a new or buying an existing food business you will need to register with Council.

You do not need to register an existing accommodation or health business. Only a transfer of business registration is required.