Apartment Composting Program

If you live in an apartment building, you can apply to join our Apartment Composting Program.

The program supports residents and owners corporations to set up on-site communal worm farms or composting systems. It allows residents to share the benefits of composting and is a great option if the building has an outdoor space.

The program provides:

  • up to three free compost systems or worm farms for each apartment building
  • full subsidies on Hungry Bin worm farms and Green Cone solar composters, for up to 3 units per apartment building
  • free on-site or online workshops for residents
  • free kitchen caddies for participating residents
  • access to information and support materials.

How to apply

Contact your owners corporation

Contact your owners corporation to and let them know you'd like to be the Resident Champion for the program.

You can also share our program factsheet for owners corporations(PDF, 646KB)  which provides information on the program.

The owners corporation is responsible for approving the installation and any costs related to installation and ongoing maintenance.

Get support from your neighbours

To join the program, 30 per cent of your neighbours must be interested. You can use our resident support letter template to engage with them.

Download the resident support letter template(DOCX, 116KB) .

Submit your application

Submit your application by completing the online form. If you have a completed resident support letter, you can upload this with your application.

Apply online

What happens next?

Your owners corporation will receive an email about ordering the units, payment and installation.

We will contact the Resident Champion to arrange a workshop date and organise the delivery of caddies and other resources.