Report a missed, broken or stolen bin

You can use our online form to report the following bin issues:

  • Missed bin collection: sometimes our truck might miss your bin collection. If this happens, let us know and we'll return to collect it the next business day. You may notice a sticker on your bin outlining why we couldn't collect it, such as:
    • it was too heavy
    • the bin was full of the wrong items
    • we couldn’t reach the bin, often because a vehicle was in front of it.

If you received a sticker, you will need to fix the problem before calling us to request a bin collection.

You cannot request a missed bin collection if you forgot to put your bin out.

  • Missing or stolen bin: you may request a new bin if a bin is missing, stolen or has offensive graffiti.
  • Broken or damaged bin: your bin or lid is broken or damaged and needs to be repaired before you can use it again.
  • Abandoned bin: a bin is abandoned is left in a public place that’s not near its property, or you can’t tell what property it belongs to.
  • Bin not brought in after collection: sometimes life gets busy and we can't bring our bins in straight away. Please wait at least 24 hours before reporting a bin that's been left out.
  • Issues with a public bin: a bin in a park or on a public street is causing an issue, such as it is overflowing or has been damaged.
  • Swap a red or yellow bin lid: you may request to swap your bin lids if they weren't changed as a part of our bin lid changeover program.

Report a bin issue

If you want to upgrade or order a new bin, you can learn more about your options on the request an extra or different bin page. 

You can also report a bin issue by calling us on 03 8290 1333.