Report a missed, broken or stolen bin

Report an issue about a bin any time online or contact Customer Service for help.

If you want to order a council waste service or change an existing one, you can request an extra or different bin.

Missed bin collection

Sometimes our truck might miss your bin for collection. If this happens, let us know and we'll return to collect it the next business day.

You cannot request a missed bin collection if you forgot to put your bin out.

Sometimes, there are problems with your bin and we can’t collect it. If this happens, you will see a sticker on your bin outlining why. Reasons include:

  • it was too heavy
  • the bin was full of the wrong items
  • we couldn’t reach the bin, often because a vehicle was in front of it.

You will need to fix the problem and then call us to request a bin collection.

Report a missed collection

Missing or stolen bin

If a bin is missing, stolen or has offensive graffiti, let our Customer Service team know to arrange a new one.

Report a missing or stolen bin

Damaged bin

If your bin gets damaged and needs to be repaired before you can use it again, let us know.

Replace a damaged bin

Abandoned bin

A bin is abandoned when it’s left in a public place that’s not near its property, or you can’t tell what property it belongs to.

If someone has left their bin on the street after a collection, please report it as a 'bin left on the street' instead.

Report an abandoned bin

Bin left on street

All residents should return their bin to their private property the same day as collection. If you see a bin left on the street after a collection, let us know.

Report a bin left out

Public bin

Public bins are in parks or on public streets. If you see an issue with a public litter bin, let us know.

Report a public bin