Report an issue

Find your concern below and follow the instructions to submit your customer service request.

If you need assistance, please call Customer Service on 8290 1333. 

Snap Send Solve

Report any issue you see around Stonnington on your phone through the Snap Send Solve app.  You can take a photo of the problem and identify the location - the issue will be sent directly to us to resolve. 

Download from the Apple or Google Play app store.

Graffiti and vandalism

Request graffiti removal

You can also report graffiti on our graffiti hotline at 1800 067 072

Vandalism in progress should be reported to Victoria Police.

Collect a Graffiti Removal Kit from one of our service centres.

Animals and pests

Report a barking dog

Report lost animals

Report feeding of stray animals and birds

Report bees and wasps

Report rodents

If you have found an animal or want to report an animal attack, call us at 8290 1333.

For more information on animals such as pet registration, adoption and off-lead parks, visit our Pets page.


Damaged, stolen or missing bins 

To report a stolen or missing bin, email with your full name, address and the type of bin required.

Report abandoned bins

Report bins left on street

Report damaged bins

Report missed bin collections

Report litter bins

For more information on bins visit our Bins and collections page.

Rubbish, hard waste and street cleaning

Report dumped rubbish or hard waste

Request additional street cleaning

Christmas tree, bagged leaves and missed hard waste collection are seasonal services only. Visit our hard waste collection page for more information.

Trees, parks and gardens

Request repair of park furniture, barbeques and equipment

Report public toilet issues

Report tree issues

  • Requests can include fallen trees and branches, pruning, root problems, removal of dead trees.
  • Apply for a Tree Works Permit on our Trees page.

If you believe park equipment or tree is dangerous please call us at 8290 1333.

Dangerous and unsightly premises

Report dangerous and unsightly buildings or land

Report premises that are  unsightly or detrimental to the general amenity of the neighbourhood such as fire hazards or noxious weeds. 


Roads, footpaths and drainage

Please note: while we manage most roads in the city, some major routes are the responsibility of VicRoads.  To ensure you are reporting road issues to the correct authority, please check the list of VicRoads managed roads first.

Request maintenance and repair of roads

Request maintenance and repair of footpaths

Request maintenance and repair of signs

Request maintenance and repair of kerbs and gutters

If you believe the issue at hand is hazardous or dangerous, contact us at 8290 1333.

Traffic signals

To report faulty traffic signals visit the Vic Roads website:

Report traffic signals

Abandoned vehicles

To report an abandoned vehicle call us at 8290 1333. 

For more information visit our Report an abandoned vehicle page.

Rates notice reprint

Request a copy of your rates notice

We can send your notice to your postal address or email address. Visit our rates page for more information on rates.


Report busking without a permit

Apply for footpath trading or busking permits on our Business permit page.


Report homelessness and people sleeping rough

Visit our homelessness page for more information on homelessness and what our Local Law officers can do. If the person is unwell or at risk of harming themselves please call 000.

Burning off (incinerators, fires and BBQs)

Email or call 8290 1333 Council to request an investigation of an unregulated burning off.

Incinerators and fires

According to the City of Stonnington Local Law 2018(PDF, 2MB), a person must not start a fire or allow it to remain alight on land or in the open air without a permit unless:

  • that person is a authorised person by a Public Body engaged in fire protection measures
  • the fire is in a barbecue.

Barbeque (BBQ)

An owner, occupier, or person in charge of land must not let their barbecue discharge ashes or smoke to an extent that is dangerous to the health of other people.


 The owner and occupier of any land must not allow smoke to be emitted from a chimney that causes nuisance.

Illegal use of Council land

Report illegal use of Council land

This includes obstructions, camping, repairing vehicles etc.

Other requests

If you can't find what you want to report in the list above you can make a general customer service request below. 

Make a customer service request