Social Media

We have social media accounts across platforms for different services and information.

Refer to our privacy policy for information on how your data is handled.

Social media community guidelines:

Accounts are generally monitored from 9am-5pm weekdays, and some have out of hours monitoring.

The contents of the reply posts do not represent the official views of the City of Stonnington and the City of Stonnington accepts no liability for the content.

When adding content or comments, please remember that all content must be in line with the platform's Terms of Use. If it is not in line we may hide it from viewing on the page. We do not delete posts.

Should you have any queries regarding this policy please contact customer service team on 03 8290 1333 or

Also, content may be removed if it is:

  • obscene or offensive
  • bullying or name-calling
  • sexist
  • racist
  • discriminatory
  • defamatory
  • illegal
  • fraudulent
  • misleading or deceptive
  • spam or advertising
  • containing personal details or sensitive information
  • off-topic, repetitive or harassing, or
  • overtly aggressive.

Repeat offenders will be warned and may be removed from accounts. 

Social media accounts

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