Citizenship ceremonies

Following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, face-to-face citizenship ceremonies have resumed with most local government councils across the country. These ceremonies should comply with current state or territory directives on the limits on gatherings, and meet COVID Safe requirements.

If you've been an Australian resident for the last four years, you may be able to apply for citizenship.

Find out more at Department of Home Affairs.

More information

When and where are the citizenship ceremonies?

In-person ceremonies are scheduled for the following dates to be held in the Malvern Town Hall:

  • 19 June 2024
  • 24 July 2024
  • 4 September 2024
  • 16 October 2024
  • 4 December 2024

The Department of Home Affairs decides the date of your Citizenship Ceremony.

We receive a list of new citizens before each ceremony.

We'll send your invitation up to four weeks before your ceremony.

For details about your ceremony, email or call 131 880.

How long will I wait for my ceremony?

You will first get a letter from the Department of Home affairs.

Your citizenship ceremony will be three to six months later.

Should I bring anything?

Yes, if you're 16 years or older, you must bring photo ID such as a:

  • driver's licence
  • passport.

Bring your invitation too.

Do children need to come along?

If you're 16 years and older, you must take the citizenship pledge at your citizenship ceremony.

Children under 16 years don't need to take the citizenship pledge.

We do keep a seat for them, and welcome them to take the pledge if they can.

What is the difference between pledge one and pledge two?

There are two types of the citizenship pledge:

  • Oath pledge, which mentions God
  • Affirmation pledge, which does not mention God.

What should I wear?

Wear smart casual clothing or your traditional clothing.

Can I have my ceremony sooner?

In rare cases, the Department of Home Affairs can hold an urgent ceremony.

This will be at their building.

To find out more, email or call 131 880.

Can people outside City of Stonnington have their ceremony here?

Unfortunately, we can't have ceremonies for people outside the City of Stonnington.

This is because many people inside the City are waiting for theirs.

I have lost my citizenship certificate

If you have lost your citizenship certificate, you must complete an Application for Evidence of Australian Citizenship.

The City of Stonnington can't give citizenship certificates or replace lost ones.