Get waste and recycling signage

We provide posters, stickers and signs to put in bin rooms, noticeboards and other areas. These will help residents put the right items into the right bins.

Or you can ask for hard copies of signs and stickers, including:

  • recycling poster (A3)
  • garbage poster (A3)
  • food and green waste poster (A3)
  • recycling bin sticker (A4)
  • garbage bin sticker (A4)
  • food and green waste sticker (A4).

To place an order for free, email

We also have rigid plastic board signs which you can pick up from the Stonnington City Centre service centre.

  • recycling plastic board signs (A2 and A3)
  • garbage plastic board signs (A2 and A3)
  • food and green waste board sign (A2 and A3).