Community satisfaction

Each year, Local Government Victoria conducts a state-wide local government Community Satisfaction Survey, where each council's performance is assessed by the community to identify areas for service delivery improvement.

The objective of the survey is to provide an insight into the community's perception of council and the services we offer - what we do well and areas we can improve.

To facilitate this, approximately 100 people in Stonnington will be contacted each quarter by a research company on behalf of Local Government Victoria.

Customer service experience research

In 2022 we are also reaching out to people who have recently contacted us, to get feedback on their service experience. This research will be facilitated by CSBA.

If you have contacted Council in 2022 to request a service, you may receive a call or email from CSBA asking to share your experience of interactions with us. We appreciate your feedback and will use these insights to help us identify opportunities for improvement in Council service delivery. All information received will be de-identified by the research agency and participation in the survey is voluntary.

Insights from this will help us to better understand your needs and focus on where we can improve our service.

Supporting documents

2021 Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey(PDF, 4MB)

2020 Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey(PDF, 4MB)

2019 Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey(PDF, 3MB)

2018 Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey(PDF, 1MB)

2017 Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey(PDF, 2MB)

2016 Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey(PDF, 2MB)

For more information visit the Know Your Council website.