Cultural diversity

Our commitment to cultural diversity

Our community is enriched by many people from many cultures, living together in harmony and participating in community life.

We aim to ensure all residents feel included and have access to services and facilities. Our commitments include:

  • Translating information about our services into community languages and distributing it using culturally appropriate methods,
  • Providing interpreters at Council meetings, events and consultations,
  • Holding annual events and festivals to celebrate our cultural diversity and to promote community harmony,
  • Consulting with culturally and linguistically diverse residents when planning and developing policies, services and programs,
  • Providing culturally and linguistically diverse clubs and groups with opportunities to deliver social support, health promotion and wellbeing programs for their communities through our Community Grants and Cultural Diversity Grants programs, and
  • Delivering cross-cultural awareness training for staff including information about how to effectively use interpreters and translations services.