Smarter parking

We're monitoring parking availability at Prahran Square and rolling out parking sensors in several of our busy shopping precincts.

What is smart parking?

Smart parking uses sensors to monitor parking activity. A parking sensor is a small electronic device installed underneath a car parking bay. The sensor is able to record when a vehicle enters and leaves a parking bay.

This technology provides accurate data on the way parking is being used, helping to improve convenience for users, communicate parking availability, reduce congestion and emissions, and improve enforcement efficiencies.

Where is smart parking located?

We've installed a smart parking system in the Prahran Square underground car park to monitor the availability of parking spaces.

We're also installing this technology in several local shopping precincts:

  • Chapel Street precinct
  • Glenferrie Road, Malvern
  • High Street, Armadale
  • Toorak Village, Toorak.

The sensors will allow us to manage and measure parking activity in the precincts to help determine how we can use parking bay occupancy around the City.

Learn more about the Parking Sensors trial.

How does smart parking benefit our community?

Smart parking technology:

  • reduces congestion and improves safety, as people will know where best to park when visiting the area (the sensors relay this information to the parking app)
  • helps improve turnover of parking spaces
  • encourages motorists to follow restrictions
  • allows us to manage parking enforcement more efficiently
  • help us better plan future works and upgrades to our car parks
  • makes it easier to locate available parking via the PayStay app.

For most of our multilevel car parks, parking bay availability information is displayed on digital signs on nearby streets, so that visitors are able to conveniently locate an available space.

What data is collected?

Visit our Smart City data collection and privacy page for more information.