Apply for a Domestic Animal Business Permit

If you are looking to open a business that is buying, selling, rearing, training or boarding domestic animals, you will need a permit. This includes: 

  • have a dog training establishment that is run for profit
  • operate a pet shop in a permanent location that is open at least five days per week
  • have an animal shelter, pound or welfare organisation such as the RSPCA or The Lost Dogs' Home
  • run a for-profit, overnight, day-care or homecare boarding establishment for cats or dogs
  • breed cats or dogs to sell regardless of whether you make a profit
  • have three or more fertile female cats or dogs and you are not a member of an 'applicable organisation' for breeding or showing, as defined by Agriculture Victoria.

You do not need to register if you are a member of an 'applicable organisation' and you have less than 10 fertile female cats and dogs in total.

A domestic animal can be a bird, cat, dog, ferret, fish, guinea pig, hermit crab, mouse, poultry, rabbit, rat, reptile, spider or turtle.

How to apply

You can apply and pay for your permit online.

Apply now

Animal welfare and compliance

As a domestic animal-related business, you must comply with state codes of practice. We inspect each business before opening and every year to ensure they're compliant and animals are well cared for.

For more information on your responsibilities, check the Animal Welfare Victoria website.