Street cleaning exemption

Some streets have a 'No Parking' restriction for one or two hours every week so Council’s street sweeping vehicles can clean the street. Vehicles are not allowed to park in the No Parking area during street sweeping time.

The restriction does not apply at the same time on every street or both sides of a street. For example, the east side of the street may be restricted from 9 to 10 am on Monday, and the west side may be restricted between 9 to 10 am on Tuesday. Always check the signs when you park.

What if I can’t move my vehicle?

Council understands that residents may be unable to move their car on a street sweeping day due to extenuating circumstances, such as being sick, going on holiday, or having mechanical problems. Residents who cannot move their vehicle on a street sweeping day can obtain a temporary exemption.

To obtain a temporary exemption, call Stonnington Parking Alliance on 03 9058 6600. It is important to call before the street sweeping day or as soon as possible before the restriction starts so we have time to notify parking officers.

You will need to provide:

  • your vehicle registration number, including registration state, such as VIC or NSW
  • your name and phone number
  • the location where your vehicle is parked
  • the reason you need an exemption
  • the dates you need an exemption.

How long does my exemption last?

If your car breaks down, you can obtain an exemption for one week (one street sweeping day).

Broken-down cars need to be moved within 24 hours.

Residents who are going on holiday or unable to move their car due to an illness or injury can obtain an exemption for up to six weeks.

If you need an exemption for more than six weeks, email your request to

Please ensure you submit your request for an extended exemption at least two weeks before you would like the exemption to start.

How does my exemption work?

Parking officers will be notified that your vehicle cannot be moved during the street sweeping time. They will not issue an infringement notice to your vehicle when they patrol the area.

The exemption only applies to the No Parking restriction that is in place for the street sweeper. It does not extend to any other restriction. Residents must ensure their vehicle remains legally parked outside the street sweeping time.

Council only grants exemptions for vehicles that cannot be moved. If your vehicle is seen to be moving before your exemption expires, the exemption will be void, and you may receive an infringement notice.

What if I don’t have an exemption and forget to move my vehicle?

If you forget to move your vehicle on a street sweeping day, you may receive an infringement notice.

If you have received an infringement notice, please refer to our pay or manage a parking fine page.

What if I have my resident parking permit displayed?

Resident parking permits do not exempt a vehicle from the street sweeping restrictions.