People experience homelessness when they do not have accommodation that is safe, secure and appropriate. Homelessness can occur due to a variety of complex issues including loss of employment, family breakdown, mental health and family violence.

Tackling homelessness

Our approach is to:

  • Provide information to people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness about where they can access housing and support,
  • Ensure people requiring assistance are referred to the appropriate service providers as soon as possible,
  • Monitor the extent of homelessness in Stonnington, and
  • Enhance community understanding about the causes of homelessness and local support service

Council does not have the power to move people on. People who are homeless have a right to be in public spaces and will be treated as any other member of the public. 

Council will respond to a person who is, or appears homeless if:

  • They request assistance,
  • They appear distressed or in need of assistance,
  • They are sheltering in circumstances that threaten the health and safety of themselves and/or others (e.g. in derelict buildings),
  • Their behaviour threatens their own safety or the safety of others,
  • Their behaviour is likely to result in damage to property or to the environment,
  • Their safety is threatened by others, and 
  • They appear to be under the age of 18.


Homeless support services

Tenants Victoria - free, confidential advice for tenants
9416 2577

Launch Housing - accommodation advice and assistance for individuals and families in housing crisis
8598 1111
1800 825 955

Frontyard - information and referral for young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness
1800 800 531
9977 0077

Star Health - support for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness
9525 1300

Launch Housing - Rough Sleeper Initiative - outreach to people living rough in inner Melbourne
8598 1170
1800 825 955

MiCare - assists people over 50 who are on low income to find long-term affordable housing
9510 5877

Salvation Army Crisis Centre - emergency housing, food and essentials vouchers, information and referral
9536 7777
1800 627 727


Reporting homelessness

Concerns regarding homelessness can be reported to Council by phone 8290 1333 or via a service request online.

Reports of homelessness will be investigated by Council’s Local Laws Officers who will liaise with local police and make a referral to the Launch Housing and Star Health outreach services. These services will visit the location and offer a variety of support including emergency housing.

If the person is unwell or at risk of harming themselves or others please call 000.