Register an accommodation business

If you're starting or buying an accommodation business in the City of Stonnington, your business must be registered with Council.  

Follow the steps below to register your accommodation business and/or have your fit-out plans assessed.

How to register

Check if your business needs to be registered

You need to register with Council if your business is a:

  • hotel or motel
  • rooming house
  • hostel
  • student accommodation
  • holiday camp
  • residential accommodation.

The following types of accommodation don't need to be registered:

  • A house under the exclusive occupation of the occupier.
  • A self-contained flat under the exclusive occupation of the occupier.
  • Any house, building or structure to which part 4 (Caravan Parks and Movable Dwellings Residency Rights and Duties) of the Residential Tenancies act 1997 applies.
  • Any vessel, vehicle, tent or caravan.
  • Premises (except rooming houses) where five persons or fewer are staying excluding the family of the owner.
  • Public Hospitals or registered health services establishments.
  • Retirement villages.

Confirm your business address

You must confirm the address of your premises before you apply because we can't process your application or provide accurate advice without it.

Request a report on the property you are buying (optional)

If you're buying an existing accommodation business, we can provide a property report that contains important details including:

  • the current registered owner
  • information about the current registration, including the annual cost and expiry date
  • any non-compliant cleanliness or maintenance items we identified.  

Apply for other permits, if required

You can save time by applying for a Building Permit and Planning Permit before registering your accommodation business. We recommend applying for both at the same time.

Use our Permit Finder if you’re not sure what permits you need.

For building or alteration work on most commercial and industrial developments, you will need a Building Permit.

Regardless of the overall cost of the work, this can include:

  • new buildings
  • shop fit-outs
  • alterations and additions to current buildings
  • pergolas (roofed), verandahs and shade sails
  • decks and balconies
  • changes to the use of a building
  • minor structures, including garages and sheds
  • demolition of existing buildings
  • swimming pools, spas or safety barriers.

You may need to apply for a Planning Permit if you plan to:

  • carry out building works
  • display advertising signage
  • increase operating hours
  • reduce the number of parking spaces
  • change the use of the building.

Prepare your documents

You must upload a copy of your plans for the proposed premises showing the use for each room. Plans must be:

  • drawn to scale
  • at a scale of at least 1:100
  • accompanied by specifications for materials and finishes for all surfaces including floors, walls and bench tops.

The plans must also clearly show:

  • all bedrooms and beds
  • kitchens, lounge rooms and other shared facilities
  • the number and location of all toilets, showers, baths and hand basins
  • waste disposal and storage areas.

Rooming house operators will also require a license from Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Submit your application

For a Fit-out Assessment, have payment for the $78 fee ready

Apply now

If you prefer a paper or PDF form, please contact us.

Receive approval for your fit-out

If you applied to have your fit-out plans assessed, we will review the plans and let you know if there are any non-compliant items.

When there are no issues, we'll send you a stamped and approved copy of your plans.

Have your property inspected

We will contact you to organise a time to inspect the property listed on your application.

We'll then send you a report letting you know if your business is compliant or if there are any issues you need to address before a follow-up inspection.

Pay the registration fee

Once your last inspection is successful, you will receive an invoice via email. You can pay this online.

Receive your Accommodation Business Registration

We will send your Certificate of Registration via email.

You’re now ready to trade in the City of Stonnington!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I work out my maximum capacity?

Your maximum capacity is determined using the information you provide about the number of rooms, room sizes, length of stay and maximum number of guests.