Development Contribution Levy Calculator

If you are considering undertaking a development in the City of Stonnington, which increases the number of dwellings on a lot or increases the gross floor area in a retail or commercial setting, this calculator tool will help estimate how much in the way of levies will be payable. The Development Contribution Plan Overlay was approved by the Minister and applicable as of 31 August 2023.  

The DCP Calculator on this page provides an estimate for the future Development Contributions Plan Levy.

DCP Calculator User Notes

  • For mixed use developments, please tick both residential and commercial/retail in the boxes below
  • Please enter increase of dwelling numbers and increase in gross floor area in the fields below
  • Gross floor area: The total floor area of a building, measured from the outside of external walls or the centre of party walls, and includes all roofed areas.

Definition of Uses

  • Commercial refers to Office or Commercial Office uses.
  • Retail refers to Shops, and Food and Drink Premises.

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