Apply to host a street party

Street parties are a great way for residents to get to know each other and build a sense of community. To host one, you will need a Street Party Permit that allows you to safely and temporarily close down your street and manage through traffic.

Street parties can only be held between 1 November and 31 January on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Applications are now closed.

How to apply

Check your eligibility

To host a street party, you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • live in a residential property
  • live on the street where the party will be held.

Understand the guidelines

  • If you want to hold a street party on a public holiday, you will need to organise your own traffic management at your own cost.
  • There are some things you can't do at a street party, like setting off fireworks, staging a concert, or advertising the street party to non-residents.
  • Street parties are covered by Council's public liability insurance.
  • Some activities aren't covered by our insurance, including jumping castles, children's rides, animal rides or petting zoos and hiring security staff. You'll need to organise your own insurance for these activities.
  • You can't sell food or drink.
  • Alcohol must be consumed according to relevant laws. No alcohol is to be served to a person under 18 years.
  • Any approved street closures will not exceed 200 metres.
  • Please refer to the Street Party Checklist(PDF, 316KB) for more details.

You must accept the full terms and conditions when you submit your application.

Prepare your documents

In the application, you will be asked to provide a sketch of the segment of the road that will be closed.

Submit your application

Applications are now closed.

All applications are due 31 October each year.

We can support a maximum of six street parties each day, and we review applications in the order we receive them.

Confirm your street party date

After reviewing your application, Council will contact you to confirm your street party date and time based on your preferences and availability.

You or Council prepares a Traffic Management Plan

Council will assess the impact of the proposed road closure and prepare a Traffic Management Plan for your street party.

If you can't reserve your preferred date, or you want to hold your street party on a public holiday, you'll need to provide your own traffic management through an accredited traffic management company.

Council will organise safety measures for your party

To prepare for your street party, Council will:

  • place a public notice of street closure on the Council website
  • notify emergency services including police, fire and ambulance
  • organise public liability insurance
  • notify affected neighbours of the road closure two weeks prior to the event
  • organise installation and removal of barriers around your party's road closure.

Receive your Street Party Permit

We'll email the permit to you 7 days before the event.