Better lighting in public spaces

We’ve started a project to trial remote-managed adaptive lighting ('smart lighting') in some of our parks.

What is smart lighting?

Smart lighting is adaptive lighting that can be managed remotely. Public lights are fitted with technology that sends near real-time data to us via a dashboard. We use this data to:

  • monitor use
  • monitor maintenance requirements
  • adjust lighting remotely such as switching on and off, dimming or changing the light colour.

Where are the lights located?

Smart lighting is located at:

  • Darling Gardens
  • Caroline Gardens
  • Thomas Oval dog park
  • Ferrie Oval
  • Milton Grey Reserve
  • Prahran Square.

How does smart lighting benefit our community?

Smart lighting improves visibility across the City while reducing electricity usage and maintenance issues

The new lights will tell us when there is a fault so we can get onto it quickly. This will keep the parks well-lit and safer.

With this technology, we can track energy consumption and maintenance of individual streetlights. With brightness adjustment and automated reporting, smart lighting will help us be more efficient and reduce costs.