Appeal a parking fine

You have the right to request an internal review of your fine. You can only appeal a fine once.

To appeal a fine, you must select a reason for the appeal. This may include:

  • exceptional circumstances
  • mistake of identity
  • contrary to law
  • special circumstances
  • person unaware.

Your selected reason should be accompanied by supporting documents

If you wish to pay your fine, apply for a payment plan, or nominate another driver, visit our pay or manage a parking fine page.

Key information

If you have received a Notice of Final Demand, you will no longer be able to appeal your fine with Council.

This is a notice issued by Fines Victoria if you have not paid your fine after receiving a Penalty Reminder Notice.

To appeal your fine, you will need to apply to Fines Victoria directly for an Enforcement Review.

How to appeal

Gather supporting documents

Depending on the reason for your appeal, you will need to provide supporting documents. This may include:

  • a letter from a doctor or a medical professional
  • a letter of consent, if the application is on behalf of a third party
  • a police report
  • a copy or photo of your valid ticket, or your valid Resident or Accessible Parking Permit, if it was not displayed correctly
  • other evidence, such as an invoice from a tow truck if there was a mechanical breakdown.

Register or login to our parking portal

Submitting your appeal via our portal is the easiest method. It also makes sure you provide everything we need to review your fine.

By registering and logging in to our portal, you can:

  • view details of your fine
  • view photos taken at the time of the infringement
  • submit your dispute online
  • keep updated with the status of your dispute.

Login or register

Select a reason for the appeal

You will need to provide a reason for appealing your fine, such as:

Exceptional circumstance: the offence occurred due to an extraordinary or unavoidable situation, such as a medical emergency or a vehicle breakdown.

Mistake of identity: you believe you’re not the person who committed the offence, and have evidence the fine was issued to you by mistake. For example:

  • someone provided your license or details to the police
  • you have the same name as another person or family member
  • you received someone else's fine.

This is not the same as someone else using your vehicle at the time. If this is the case, you must nominate another driver.

Contrary to law: the fine is invalid or inconsistent with the law. This may include an officer acting unlawfully or outside their authority.

Special circumstance: you are affected by serious personal difficulties or disorders that prevented you from understanding, or preventing the reason for the fine. These circumstances must be specific. You can only select this ground if you committed the offence, and can show that at the time, you were affected by:

  • mental or intellectual disability, disorder, disease or illness
  • a serious addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • homelessness
  • circumstances involving family violence.

You may also select this reason if you cannot deal with your fines due to a severe disabling long-term circumstance. You will need to provide evidence from a qualified practitioner or agency.

Person unaware: you did not know about the infringement until receiving a Penalty Reminder Notice. Reasons may include:

  • you were in another location (due to being overseas, or having moved house)
  • your mail was stolen
  • other situations preventing you from knowing about the fine.

If so, you can appeal to have the additional fee on your Penalty Reminder Notice waived, and an extension of 21 days to deal with your fine. You will need to submit your appeal within 14 days of receiving the Penalty Reminder Notice. If your application is successful, you will still have to pay the original infringement penalty.

Submit your application

Appeal now

You can also appeal via mail, by sending your letter and documents to:

City of Stonnington
GPO Box 3095
Melbourne VIC 3001

Receive your outcome

Once we assess your application, we'll notify you of the outcome in writing within 90 days.

If your appeal is successful, you don’t need to do anything further.

If unsuccessful, we'll notify you of the new due date for payment.