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What's On

What's On Stonnington is our weekly guide to events, activities and festivals.

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Stonnington News

Stonnington News brings you the latest Council news, views and issues affecting the City.

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Stonnington Library News

A monthly newsletter from our libraries.

Discover the programs, events and resources on offer.

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Active Stonnington News

Updates from our leisure centres, events and programs for an active life. 

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Your Business Connect

Be the first to know about our business programs, events and community updates.

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Environment News

Find out about environment and sustainability programs and events in your community.

Sent monthly.

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Middle Years and Youth Services News

Our monthly newsletter for the youth services sector and young people.

Read about our latest updates, events and programs.

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Access News

Find out about accessibility initiatives, disability news and Council programs.

Sent every three months.

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Stonnington Engaged

Read about our social programs and events for:

  • seniors
  • carers, and
  • people with disabilities living independently.

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Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park

Regular updates about the Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park project.

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Prahran Town Hall restoration

Come on the journey with all the latest project news.

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